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The steps to start selling your products are few and simple. Ride the wave of success of this innovative wine packaging system to create a new sales channel for your cellar.

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6 reasons to sell on gimmewine

No fees

You will not have to pay us any commission on sales.

No monthly fees

You will not have to pay any fixed monthly fee to keep your boxes for sale.

Market leader

You will have the leaders of the boxed wine market by your side. Experience since 2009 in the sale of these products.

Increase in turnover

Do you do winery visits? Acquire visibility from our regular customers and let them come and visit you.

Unique product catalog

The only ones to have over 250 different types of boxed wines ready for delivery.

Present in physical stores

Broaden your horizons. We have resellers all over Italy and soon franchised GimmeWine stores.

I take care of the new products, write me now!

Hi, I'm Matteo, can I help you?

I take care of the new products, write me now!

Hi, I'm Matteo, can I help you?

I'm Matteo Bencini, I'm the Founder and Sommelier of GimmeWine. I take care of the selection and introduction of new products from all over Italy and Europe.

Do you need to ask me a few simple questions or are you already going to start selling your boxed wines on our store?

Write me now on WhatsApp using the button below, I will reply as soon as possible.

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Frequent questions

Why no commission?

You will not have to pay us any commission because we will buy the products directly from you as resellers.

The only peculiarity of our suppliers are the payments that will take place exclusively with Ri.Ba at 60 days at the end of the month.

That's all.

Do I have to pay any fees?

No, because we are to all intents and purposes an online shop and as such we purchase the products from our suppliers (wineries, farms, etc.) and resell them independently.

We will be your free showcase on the web.

Why will I increase the turnover?

Simple, already by selling your products to us your turnover will increase.

But the thing does not end there.

Usually our customers also choose experiences at companies to take guided tours, tastings and much more, so your average receipt will increase and all at no cost.

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