Why the Bag in Box?

More time to drink it. Greater freedom. Less waste.

From the first to the last sip, opening a Bag in Box means guaranteeing the product with the same taste for over a month (up to 12 months if still packaged, not uncorked). Thanks to the patented technology, the wine maintains its original aromas and flavours, even after weeks.

Quality is not just in the bottle

Denominations, organic wines, natural wines that deserve the right appreciation, at a cheaper price than the glass bottle.

Let's do our part for a better planet

Purchasing and drinking wine in Bag in Box is the most responsible and ecological environmental choice: this is confirmed by various scientific studies. It allows to reduce the emission of harmful gases by more than 40%.

During their life cycle, glass bottles, heavy and fragile to transport, consume almost three times as much water, produce three and a half times as much CO2 and consume more than double the primary energy.

The Bag in Box, on the other hand, has a low thickness (being made of cardboard) and the squared volume of the box optimizes the energy used for transport.

A 3 liter Bag in Box Wine is the equivalent of 4 glass bottles, while the 5 liter one contains almost 7. The Bag in Box is made up of 95% wine (compared to less than 60% of the bottle).