What is Bag in Box?

What is Bag in Box?

The Bag in Box is a box (BOX) which contains a bag (BAG) made of polylaminate plastic material (metallized polyester on the outside and polyethylene for food products on the inside) with a heat-sealed dispensing tap: the latter is the "heart" of the container, as it allows the liquid to escape but not the air to enter.

How does it work?

The bag is filled with wine without the air remaining inside and, during emptying, thanks to the special tap and the flexibility of the bag material, only the liquid comes out without oxygen penetrating . This eliminates the possibility of oxidation. So the Bag in Box is currently the best container on the market for wines for daily use, allowing you to always keep the wine "ready to use" even for occasional and sporadic consumption.

What are the benefits?

The cardboard box allows you to protect the bag containing the wine from knocks, cuts and sunlight, to ensure correct pouring and convenient transport.
The Bag in Box is easily stackable and therefore represents an excellent solution for shipments with couriers; it also fits perfectly in the refrigerator!

How long does the wine in Bag in Box last?

When the packages are closed, the Bag in Box has a conservation capacity that varies between about 6 and 12 months , while once opened the wine can be kept for up to 5 weeks without affecting the quality.