Gift package

Compose your gift with the accessories you find below that match this product.

Each product has different sizes, for this reason we advise you to match what you find specifically inside each product, for example you may find the box available but not the shopper bag based on the size of the box.

Here are our proposals for wrapping your gift in a unique way.

gift box

Elegant box with handle

Choose to give a quality product in a unique and elegant package. You will receive your box to be easily assembled in 2 steps and it will be immediately ready to give to friends and relatives.

gift shopper bag

White kraft paper shopping bags

Flat handle, paper weight of 110 grams. A fusion of style and functionality, to make your gift perfect in every aspect. Simple and fast, you will receive it ready to insert your wine in a box inside, ready to give as a gift.

gift rosette

6.5 cm colored rosette

Finally the icing on the cake. What's better than finishing by uniting your box or shopper with a fantastic opaque rosette of your choice between blue, gold and red. A final touch to bring your gift to the maximum of its expressiveness.