Vino Passerina, caratteristiche e abbinamento

Passerina wine, characteristics and pairing

Passerina is a white grape variety typical of the Marches , which resists very well to adverse climatic conditions and diseases, thus ensuring consistently good quality and high yields. Precisely for its qualities it was so much appreciated by winemakers, as demonstrated by the eloquent nicknames with which it was nicknamed: Scacciadebiti, Pagadebiti and even Uva d'Oro.

Passerina, characteristics

Passerina is a very ancient white grape variety native to central Italy, known by different names in other regions. Today Passerina, belonging to the Trebbiani family, is widely cultivated in the Marche region. The curious name seems to come from the sparrows, particularly fond of its small grapes.

In recent years, Passerina , both alone and blended with Pecorino, another typical vine of the Marches and Abruzzo, has enjoyed great success. This wine has a straw yellow color with greenish hues. The nose stands out for its hints of tropical fruit , citrus fruits , with honeyed and sometimes herbaceous notes, finished with spices. The acidity is evident on the palate, but balanced by a good sapidity and a bitter finish.

Passerina, combination

Passerina is ideal to accompany risotto and shellfish , fried food and fish soups . This wine is also perfect as an aperitif !

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