Vino in bag in box, quali sono i vantaggi

Wine in bag in box, what are the advantages

After modest beginnings, the Bag-in-Box has experienced spectacular growth for 10 years. Solid, practical, economical and ecological, it is increasingly seen as a credible alternative to the bottle.

Since you haven't tried it yourself, you've probably already seen it: a cardboard package of variable size (from 2 to 10 litres) equipped with a pouring tap with, inside, a plastic pocket (or other) which holds the precious liquid under pressure. This is the Bag in Box , literally " bag in the box" .

The invention is American, inherited from space research conducted by NASA . Originally, this process was used to condition industrial liquids, but Australians, as early as the 1960s, soon saw the value of this packaging method for wines. In Australia, it is on a par with glass, and some Scandinavian countries have massively adopted it. It has also found its market in Italy and its growth is impressive.

Gone are the days when the bag in box was intended only for ordinary wines. Today, in fact, in the bag in box you can also find fine wines , even DOC wines.

The advantages of the Bag in Box

The bag in box has many advantages, first of all that of preserving the freshness of the wines even after opening. Since the bag retracts as the product is consumed, the wine remains protected from oxygen and light, unlike the bottle. The producers advertise a shelf life of the wine of 8 weeks after opening. This packaging has its limits: perfect for preserving the freshness and fruity qualities of young wines , it is not intended for aging the wine and its shelf life does not exceed ten months.

The success of the bag in box can also be attributed to its practicality : resistant, lighter than glass, it is easy to handle, transport and store, for example, laid out in the refrigerator.

The ecological advantage is no less in the current context: manufacturers insist on the ease of recycling of its various components (cardboard and polyethylene), on the economy of raw material necessary for its manufacture compared to glass, and on its much lower weight than per bottle, which reduces transportation costs. At the end of the chain, the consumer necessarily benefits from these cost reductions. More than a trend, the bag in box is a lasting phenomenon, in step with the times.

Bag in Box, instructions for use

It couldn't be simpler: just turn the tap on and off! On the other hand, some conservation precautions are essential because if the wine is protected from light, it is not from temperature.

Whites and rosés should therefore be kept in the fridge , reds in cool places. Otherwise, the refrigerator will do just fine too, as long as you take out the red wine a good hour before serving. Once opened, the wine keeps impeccably for 2 months, sometimes even more, especially the more resistant reds. As for the format, avoid buying the 5 and 10 liters immediately, start with the small formats (2 or 3 liters) and if you like the wine, buy it again in larger formats!

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