Vino e cioccolato: le regole di un matrimonio felice!

Wine and chocolate: the rules of a happy marriage!

What are the fundamental principles for pairing wine and chocolate ? To make a perfect deal, first of all you have to choose good quality products, this is the basis! Then it all depends on the cocoa content of your chocolate.

The general rule is that with a sweet chocolate with 50% cocoa, Champagne or Pinot Noir-based rosé sparkling wines are preferred, while with a chocolate between 70 and 75% cocoa, red wines, with a pleasant acidity on the finish.

Which wine to choose with dark chocolates , very rich in cocoa? When the cocoa content exceeds 80%, choose natural sweet wines , which highlight the complexity of the chocolate without covering its flavour. For 100% cocoa chocolate, prefer a lightly peated whiskey like Japanese whiskey.

Should we offer a sweet wine with a chocolate dessert ? No, it's heresy! At the end of the meal the taste buds are saturated, the excess sugar will not allow you to appreciate this combination.

Can you taste a red wine with chocolate ? Absolutely yes! Slightly tannic red wines go well with sweet and savory dishes with chocolate sauce.

What are "forbidden agreements"? Dry white and rosé wine contain too much acidity! Ditto, for champagne, unless you opt for a rosé champagne.

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