Vino Cococciola, caratteristiche e abbinamenti

Cococciola wine, characteristics and pairings

Cococciola is a white grape variety typical of Abruzzo , specifically of the province of Chieti, with a vineyard area of ​​about 900 hectares. In the other provinces, in fact, it is less widespread. It is also present in some places in the north of Puglia.

Cococciola was used for a long time only as a blending wine for Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, to increase its acidity, but the grape variety has recently been the protagonist of a rediscovery and today it is also vinified alone.

Cococciola, characteristics

La Cococciola has a straw yellow color with greenish reflections and a very delicate aroma, with floral and citrus notes , with slight herbaceous hints. On the palate it is fresh, with a lively citrine acidity , while the finish is sapid.

Its marked acidity makes it particularly suitable for sparkling wine, both with the Classic method and with the Charmat method. The Disciplinary, in fact, provides for a basic version and a sparkling version. In any case, Cococciola must be present for at least 85% of the total grapes, 60% for the sparkling wine.

Cococciola, pairings

Cococciola wine, by virtue of its marked acidity and great freshness, is perfect to accompany raw fish and seafood appetizers . It is also ideal with fresh cheeses, with a sweet tendency and a certain fatness, such as mozzarella .

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