Vermentino toscano e Vermentino ligure, caratteristiche

Tuscan Vermentino and Ligurian Vermentino, characteristics

Vermentino is a white grape variety that loves the proximity of the sea. In Italy it has spread from Liguria to Tuscany , up to the Island of Elba . In these areas Vermentino has characteristics that make it clearly distinguishable from Ligurian or Sardinian Vermentino . 

Vermentino, characteristics

Since Vermentino matures late, its development requires a warm climate and its cultivation can only be done in areas well exposed to the sun. Conversely, cold or temperate climates do not allow it to ripen adequately. This grape variety is only susceptible to powdery mildew. Vinified in purity it gives dry and fruity white wines, with a straw yellow color. Vermentino can be used in blending with other vines, in particular with Trebbiano and Albarola. In this case, due to its low acidity, it brings lightness and freshness to the wines.

The aromas given off by this grape are manifold. Releases notes of fresh apple, green almond, sweet spices, hawthorn, ripe pear and fresh pineapple.

Vermentino, pairings

Vermentino , thanks to its structure and freshness , is the ideal companion to all fish and shellfish dishes , in simple preparations, without elaborate sauces.

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