Tre film sul vino da vedere + 3 vini da provare

Three wine films to see + 3 wines to try

Watching a film about wine : this is how to spend a nice evening. After all, what could be better than tasting a wine in front of a good film?

Three films about wine

Here, the three films about wine that we have selected for you!

  • Sideways (2005): This 2005 film is one of the first modern wine comedies. Directed by Alexander Payne, with Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen. The film features two friends, Jack and Miles, who decide to take a trip through the California wineries . This trip to the heart of California's vineyards is an opportunity for both of them to reflect on their daily lives and take a step back. This wine film is also an opportunity to find out more about viticulture in America (The foreign Bag in Boxes are about to arrive!). In particular, you will discover the duel that divides the world of wine in the United States: Pinot against Merlot. The wine we recommend you drink is... obviously Pinot or Merlot !
  • One Great Year (2007): Romantic comedy directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Albert Finney. In this film, Max, a dedicated London broker, inherits a wine estate in the south of France. While he wants to sell it, he decides to renew it to get a better price. However, he gradually falls in love with this area. An ideal film for a rainy Sunday evening. The wine we suggest you drink is... Glera , perhaps accompanied by some savory snacks.
  • Mondovino : directed by Jonathan Nossiter, it is one of the most famous wine films. Halfway between a documentary and a film, Mondovino recounts the conflicts that can exist between industry tycoons, oenologists who are the bearers of the good word and the more traditional visions of wine. From Argentina, to Bordeaux, via New York, this wine film allows us to dive into the heart of contemporary issues in the world of wine. The wine we recommend you drink is...a nice Barbera !

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