Quanto dura il vino nel bag in box (aperto)?

How long does the wine last in the bag in box (open)?

Storing wine in the bag in box has become a very common practice, especially in restaurants and bars. The wine is then consumed directly in the glasses without going through the bottles.

The bag in box is gaining more and more popularity also because distributors and producers have realized their logistical efficiency. Furthermore, the quality of the wine contained in the bag in box does not degrade faster than the wine in the bottles since the entry of oxygen (and light) is controlled. In fact, thanks to the use of specific copolymers and the use of modified atmosphere or even vacuum preservation , the wine does not degrade rapidly and can last up to about three months after opening . In fact, the wine in the pocket is not in contact with the air, as the flexible pocket retracts when the pressure decreases.

The advantages of wine in the bag in box

In addition to this technological quality, the bag in box offers numerous other advantages.

First, it's environmentally friendly . It allows the use of materials with a very low carbon content compared to other storage packaging, not to mention that its manufacture requires low energy consumption. The bag in box is also easily recyclable for a second use, but also for reprocessing into polymer granules as it is more robust and resistant to pressure than plastic and glass bottles.

Another great merit is practicality . The weight of the bag in box with the wine is considerably lighter than the weight of several bottles of wine having the same volume. All of this obviously affects the price of a glass of wine. The bag in box, in fact, allows you to have wines 2 times cheaper than bottled wines.

All these advantages are the winning key of the Bag in box. Furthermore, its use is not limited to wine, it can also be used for the conservation/distribution of oils and fruit juices.

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