Quanti tipi di vitigni ci sono e qual è il più diffuso in Italia

How many types of vines are there and which is the most common in Italy

The grape variety reserved for wine production belongs to the botanical family of Vitaceae, which includes 10 genera, but only that of “ Vitis ” is important for wine. There are 2 sub-categories of "Vitis": "Vitis Muscadinia" and "Vitis Euvitis", the latter has 36 species, including the famous " Vitis vinifera " which is the origin of the vines that give the best wines in the world. 

How many types of grape varieties are there?

In Italy there are 545 varieties of wine grapes and 182 varieties of table grapes . Worldwide there are more than 1300 wine varieties alone. Italy is one of the countries with the largest number of native grape varieties.

What is the most common grape variety in Italy

According to the Unione Italiana Vini , the most widespread grape variety in Italy is Sangiovese . Following, also growing, is Montepulciano . Immediately behind, the Catarratto, Merlot, Trebbiano and Barbera.

Sangiovese is grown from Romagna to Campania and is part of the composition of many wines, including Brunello di Montalcino. Its origin is probably Etruscan. The wine obtained from this vine is ruby ​​red in color and on the palate it is warm, fruity, tannic.

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