Quali vini scegliere per il tuo pasto pasquale?

Which wines to choose for your Easter meal?

Easter Sunday is often an opportunity to get together with family and loved ones to share a convivial lunch. We can therefore only advise you to bring out the most beautiful dishes you have, get in the kitchen and accompany the festive meal with good wines.

But which wine to serve with the paschal lamb?

Lamb is the traditional meat served at Easter time. The wine must be chosen according to the cut. The general rule is to accompany it with a red wine, based on Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon .

With leg of lamb : this part of the meat is the most valuable and the least strong in the mouth. It is therefore necessary to choose a wine that does not mask the taste of the pulp.

With rack of lamb : this piece of meat is firmer than the previous one and fatter, stronger in the mouth. You must then choose a slightly acidic wine to match your palate, but also younger.

With shoulder of lamb : it is the part of the lamb which is the fattest, the firmest and the strongest in the mouth. It is therefore necessary to choose a robust wine to face all these flavors and textures in the mouth. However, if you opt for a longer and slower cooking, the shoulder of lamb will go better with a fruity or acidic wine.

So now you know which wines to choose to accompany the centerpiece of your Easter meal!

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