Quale vino scegliere con la grigliata?

Which wine to choose with the grill?

At the time of barbecue , the question of choice of wine he invariably sits at the table. Which wine goes well with traditional sausages, red meats or delicately grilled vegetables?

As they say, good weather rhymes with barbecue. Once the menu dilemma has been resolved, it's time to choose the wine. And the answer is even less obvious since each dish taken separately requires a different type. So that your grilling moments don't turn into headaches, here are some killer combinations!


Sausages have pride of place in any self-respecting barbecue. The best pairing is with the Syrah or the Nero d'Avola , two red wines with a strong and spicy character.

Red meats

Juicy and generous, beef is ideal for grilling. A tannic red wine with woody notes will subtly blend with the smoky aromas brought by the grill. Are you thinking about the Merlot or al Cabernet Sauvignon ? We too! The simplicity and power of a cru aged in oak barrels, notes of red or even black fruit guarantee a successful pairing.

White meat

Do you like pork ribs, chicken legs or chicken kebabs more? A wide range is at your disposal. A rosé with character, vinified with Pinot Noir, it will go well with these delicate meats. Bolder, try a light, fruity red, like a Gamay or Young Pinot Black .

The fish

Balance the fatness of sardines or salmon with the freshness of Sauvignon , of the Chardonnays . For white fish like sea bream, dare the roundness of a Riesling. If you want to go over a red, avoid tannic wines: fish proteins don't indulge them.

Vegetarian and vegan side dishes

For lovers of corn, tofu or other meat substitutes, opt for light red wines like Gamay or a very distinctive rosé. On the white side, opt without hesitation for richness and softness. Delicious grilled, zucchini, eggplant or other tomatoes go well with a Pinot Noir or a light rosé.

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