Quale vino bere con la tua poke bowl

Which wine to drink with your poke bowl

Of Hawaiian origin, the poke bowl is the big trend of the moment. This essential dish of healthy cooking combines raw vegetables , cereals , marinated fish and tofu . The ingredients in your bowl will decide which wine to drink!

Where does the poke bowl come from?

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish . Originally this dish was eaten by fishermen in Hawaii, returning from a trip to sea. The raw fish was seasoned with what was on hand: often a little sea salt scraped from the coast, some fresh seaweed and the fruits of the Moluccan nut. This simple dish has remained a staple of the local cuisine.

Its modern variant is very fashionable. The poke bowl is made with fresh, healthy diced ingredients ('poke' is Hawaiian for “cut into chunks”). As the name suggests, the pieces are served in a bowl. Its preparation leaves room for a lot of creativity and individuality, because in general consumers have the possibility to choose the foods they want to have in their bowl. The great classics are poke bowls with salmon , tuna or tofu , accompanied by avocado , mango , edamame and all prepared with rice , quinoa or lentils .

Tuna poke bowl

If your poke bowl contains fish or seafood, opt for a white wine . A great choice to accompany a tuna poke bowl is a Sauvignon Blanc . Its notes of exotic fruit, peach and apricot will go perfectly with the sour tuna marinade.

Poke bowl of salmon and avocado or mango

Sweet and sour dishes go well with wines such as dry Gewurztraminer . Dense and silky, it goes wonderfully with salmon and avocado or mango . Very aromatic and long in the mouth, this wine will go perfectly with mango, as well as honey or soy sauce.

Poke bowl of tofu or chicken

To accompany tofu or chicken bowl, choose a light red wine like Gamay or Pinot Noir . Their fruity and light taste will be perfect. However, avoid highly concentrated wines aged in oak barrels. Rather “young” dry white wines such as a Bourgogne Blanc or a Muscadet will also go well with a tofu dish.

Sweet poke bowl

For dessert , the sweet bowls are a delight. These bowls are usually made with rice and fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or bananas. You can also add unsalted pistachios or dried cranberries, as well as yogurt or coconut cream. Wines that go well with sweet bowls are sweet white wines .

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