Quale vino bere con la pizza Margherita?

Which wine to drink with Margherita pizza?

Which wine enhances a good Margherita pizza ? If the composition of the pizza obviously influences the wine with which to associate it, it is above all the fat of the mozzarella that melts, the acidity of the tomato sauce which will determine the ideal wine.

In general, powerful and full-bodied red wines are not recommended to accompany a pizza because they go badly with the fat of the cheese. For a Margherita pizza choose a light and fruity wine, such as Pinot Noir , Refosco , Barbera and Lambrusco . Montepulciano d'Abruzzo can also be fine.

Nero d'Avola can also be a great ally for Margherita pizza . This Sicilian red wine owes its name to the vine that composes it. The winemakers produce a wine with aromas of red fruits, spices and licorice. No barrel ageing. The woody notes come from the grape itself. The tannins are thus quite fine and loose to support the taste of the pizza without invading the filling. In short, a sunny wine, which underlines all the richness of the Italian specialty.

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