Quale vino bere con i funghi?

Which wine to drink with mushrooms?

Greedy, refined, mushrooms are a delight for lovers of genuine local cuisine. However, their chemical composition and flavor make it difficult to choose food and wine pairings . It is therefore advisable to choose the wine according to the type of dish and the type of mushroom.

The choice will also be influenced by whether the mushroom is the main ingredient or if it is an accompaniment. Red wine or white wine , anything is possible, as long as you follow certain rules.

What wine to drink with raw mushrooms

If you choose to prepare a dish with raw mushrooms such as button mushrooms or thinly sliced ​​mushrooms, go for a crisp and delicate white wine, such as a Chardonnay or a Vermentino .

What wine to drink with mushrooms in vegetarian and vegan dishes

For vegetarians and vegans , mushrooms offer many possibilities. To compensate for the vegetal expression of the mushrooms, it is enough to prefer a round and fruity wine.

Mushrooms stuffed with parmesan or parsley, a leek fondue with grated truffle go perfectly with a Pinot Noir or Fiano di Avellino. Greedy and tasty with its puff pastry, a mushroom pie will go perfectly with a round and fruity white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc or Glera .

Which wine to drink with porcini mushrooms

Porcini can be eaten alone both raw, in salads, and sautéed: in the first case the best pairing is a Sauvignon Blanc, while in the second case it is a red wine that is not too full-bodied such as Barbera , Sangiovese or Dolcetto d 'Sunrise. If porcini mushrooms are used to prepare a risotto then the best pairing is a Chardonnay.

What wine to drink with truffles

With its powerful aromas of earth, undergrowth and humus, the truffle is a mushroom that deserves all your attention for a successful food and wine pairing. Red wine or white wine, both are possible with truffles. It all depends on the type of dish.

The advice is to prefer fairly round wines with a soft tannic structure. A red wine with harsh tannins or a wine that is too young will be crushed by the power of the truffle, bringing out the bitterness of the mushroom. The best wines to choose are whites that are not too structured or even a young red. Green light then for Müller-Thurgau or Nebbiolo.

What wine to drink with chanterelle mushrooms

With their very particular flavor and texture, chanterelles are delicate and very fragrant mushrooms. Simply sautéed in a pan with parsley, scrambled eggs or with fine cuts of meat such as veal, they should be combined with light and fruity red wines. Avoid tannic red wines.

Therefore, with chanterelles, a red wine based on Pinot Noir with a light tannic structure will be ideal.

What to drink with pleurotus mushrooms

Versatile, the pleurotus mushroom is usually served with white wine but can also be served with a rosé wine depending on the composition of the dish. In a pan, braised, alone or as an accompaniment to meats, white fish, egg-based preparations, tarts, risottos or in goulash as in Hungary, the pleurotus mushroom can be eaten with many dishes.

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