Qual è la differenza tra DOC e IGT?

What is the difference between DOC and IGT?

Italy is the country (in Europe) with the highest number of denominations of origin and geographical indications. The European certification represents a way to protect both the quality of the product and the manufacturing companies.

  • It must come from an area that has already obtained the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certification for at least 5 years;
  • the PGI areas must have been claimed by at least 35% of the winegrowers who are interested in applying for certification;
  • The zones must represent at least 35% of the production of the indicated area.

For DOC wines there is a more restrictive procedure than IGT ones, but less rigid than DOCG ones, which must also possess other specific requirements. The DOC is therefore a recognition of quality attributed to wines produced in certain areas and bearing the same on the label.

IGT stands for Typical Geographical Indication . As in the case of the DOC, instead of the IGT we now find the IGP or "the geographical name of an area used to designate the product that derives from it and which has qualities, notoriety and specific characteristics attributable to that area". Even for this denomination, however, very precise chemical and organoleptic analyzes are required.

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