Perché il Tocai si chiama Friulano?

Why is Tocai called Friulano?

Once upon a time there was Tocai Friulano ... today, in fact, one of the oldest autochthonous wines of Friuli-Venezia Giulia has lost its name due to a battle with Hungarian Tokaji , with which it has nothing to do what to see. In fact, they are different wines and as more recent studies show, they would coincide with the Sauvignonasse vine, of French origin, which has almost disappeared in its homeland but is present in other countries (including Chile).

To avoid confusion with the Hungarian Tokaji vine, in 1933 the spelling of the name was changed to “ Tocai ”, and to avoid misunderstandings with other similar varieties grown in the rest of Italy the wording “ Tocai Friulano ” was added. The Tocai Friulano grape gives a completely different wine from the Hungarian Tokaji , obtained from the blending of Furmint, Hárslevelü, Muscat Lunel and Orémus grapes.

In 2003 it has begun the legal battle that resulted upon deletion of the name Tocai Friulian for wine and then also from the national list of grape varieties, replaced in both cases by the name alone Friulian .

The question remains strange from all points of view, if we consider the fact that the Tocai Friulano , in addition to being a very ancient native vine, is a dry white wine , while the Tokaji Hungarian is a dessert wine .

The reason Hungary won this wine battle is that the Hungarian Tokaji is the most famous wine of the nation and recalls the region in which it is produced (Tokaj-Hegyalja), while the Tocai Friulano takes its name from the vine alone.

But what happened to Tocai Friulano?

In Friuli , Tocai has only become Friulano , referring exclusively to white wines, while in Veneto , with a contraction of the name, it has simply become Tai , in the white, rosé and red types (less common).

What wine is Friulano?

Tocai Friulano presents itself of color straw yellow , with greenish hues. The nose stands out for the typical hints of almond blossom and bitter almond . The palate is structured, soft, with a good balance between freshness and sapidity , with a pleasant almond persistence .

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