Pasqua: abbinamenti enogastronomici da provare

Easter: food and wine pairings to try

Easter is approaching... which wines to serve with typical traditional dishes? We tell you!

Asparagus and wine

Spring brings asparagus with it. This delicious vegetable, however, has a reputation for being the enemy of wine. On the contrary! Asparagus can become an accomplice of wine, provided you choose it well. Better to forget the red wine. Its tannins will accentuate the bitterness in the mouth. We prefer an aromatic and opulent white, such as Sauvignon Blanc , Pinot Blanc or Riesling. Beware of mayonnaise which can break the fruitiness of the wine.

Eggs and wine

With eggs, the ideal accompaniment is white wine . But it all depends on how you cook the eggs. Soft-boiled or fried eggs reveal an almost raw yolk. A dry, lively wine can counterbalance the fat. Omelettes and scrambled eggs, regardless of the filling, appreciate the company of a dry, fragrant white wine like Sauvignon Blanc . Poached eggs go wonderfully with a low-tannin red wine, such as Gamay, Barbera or Pinot Noir.

Lamb and wine

Lamb meat is a powerful meat, with tenacious and persistent flavours. It is therefore necessary that the wine that accompanies it supports the comparison. The reds of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are therefore to be preferred. Syrah , with its peppery side, will also do the job perfectly.

Chocolate and wine

With dark chocolate we try to counterbalance the bitterness. We therefore rather choose a sweet and fruity wine, such as a sweet white or wines.

Milk chocolate is easiest to marry with light reds or rich, fruity whites. Finally, since white chocolate is very sweet and fat, you can opt for a dry white or bubbles.

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