Muscadet, caratteristiche del vitigno francese e abbinamenti

Muscadet, characteristics of the French vine and pairings

Muscadet is the most representative white wine of the Loire Valley. Its name does not originate from the vine, which is actually Melon de Bourgogne, born in turn from the crossing of two vines: Gouais blanc, now disappeared, and Pinot Noir.

Muscadet, characteristics

Muscadet is not a particularly aromatic vine, but thanks to the long permanence on the lees until bottling (that's why we talk about Muscadet sur lie ) it manages to find depth and volume on the palate. In fact, this vine has the incredible ability to take us to the sea. The wines obtained, in fact, are dry, lively, delicate and iodized. Well vinified, they give a salty finish in the mouth and strong mineral sensations , such as the impression of licking stones.

Muscadet and pairings

Muscadet has often been associated with cooking... as an ingredient! “ A perfect wine for cooking mussels ”. This is not false, but it can go much further! In fact, this wine is the perfect companion to fish and other crustaceans , as well as sushi and spaghetti alla carbonara.

Muscadet in bag in box

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