Malbec, caratteristiche e abbinamenti

Malbec, characteristics and pairings

Malbec (or Malbech) is a black grape variety that produces great red wines . It was once widespread in the Bordeaux area, while today its cultivation has moved to Cahors . Malbec is also very successful in Argentina , which has also become the first world producer. In Italy it is mainly grown in Friuli-Venezia Giulia .

Malbec, characteristics

Malbec has an intense ruby ​​red color, with garnet reflections in mature wines. Equipped with a good structure, it presents itself to the nose with an intense bouquet, with fruity aromas. On the palate it is warm , with sweet and delicate tannins .

Malbec, pairings

Malbec excellently accompanies grilled , roasted or stewed white and red meat dishes, cured meats , meat-based first courses , mushrooms, but also aged cheeses .

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