Le tipologie di bicchieri per la degustazione del vino

The types of glasses for wine tasting

Wine is a pleasure that passes through multiple senses. Sight, smell, taste… This is why the choice of glass is important if we want to make the moment of tasting perfect. The objective of a good glass is to enhance the colour, aroma and flavor of the wine.

The choice of the type of glass is determined by the type of wine. The glass, in addition to its aesthetic aspect, allows the wine to reveal all its qualities. The aromas are better expressed in large and extended glasses than in small glasses. The larger the size, the better the oxygenation . This allows the scents to unfold. The shape and dimensions therefore determine the evolution and reaction of the wine during its tasting .

Here are the most common types of glasses:

Burgundy chalice

It is a rounded goblet, which allows the aromas to be concentrated, allowing for rather limited ventilation thanks also to a narrow opening. This type of glass is well suited to Pinot Noir, aged and mature wines.

Bordeaux goblet

More tapered, with a wider opening, this type of glass allows the wine to benefit from good oxygenation . It goes well with very tannic and full-bodied wines, which need more time to open.

Flute chalice

The Champagne glass or flute must allow the bubbles to rise, but it must not be too sharp, at the risk of losing the aromas. The ideal shape is close to the foot, widened and slightly rounded in shape. The aromas blossom and the bubbles can live their life freely.

ISO glass

It is the universal tasting glass . It brings together all the parameters for a wine tasting, it is a safe bet, because it is suitable for tasting any type of wine.

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