Il vitigno francese Colombard e i suoi vini

The French grape variety Colombard and its wines

Colombard is a white grape variety from the Côtes de Gascogne ( wine district of Gascony) . It is one of the oldest vines in Charente ( a French department in the New Aquitaine region) and derives from a cross between Chenin and Gouais Blanc . This variety produces full - bodied and fine white wine with fruity aromas .

The Colombard grape represents almost 50% of the vines in Côtes de Gascogne, it is the majority vine in most of the blends of the appellation.

Its characteristic freshness is expressed by its marked acidity which brings bite to the palate. Its alcohol content is not very high; these are wines around 11% that do not allow themselves to be invaded by an excess of alcohol.

The aroma of passion fruit and hints of citrus fruits such as grapefruit and lemon (but also exotic fruits in the younger versions) form the very spicy aromatic palette of Colombard.

Most winemakers use up to 70 or even 80 percent Colombard, which they complement with another grape variety to make the wine's aroma more complex. Most often, the associated grape variety is Sauvignon . The wine thus acquires complexity and is expressed by adding fat to the palate, or even compensating for the perhaps too much acidity on the palate.

For food and wine pairings , Colombard goes well with flambéed oysters or prawns. Seafood enhances the intensity of the Colombard.

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