Il vino scade?

Does the wine expire?

They say good wine always gets better with age, but is there a limit? Can age affect taste? Is there an expiration date for the wine ?

The question isn't silly, and it's also one of the most searched questions on Google.

What is usually said about wine is true: older usually means better taste and better quality (and a higher price). But it's not enough to buy a bottle and let it age for a few years. It's a science and if you're not careful things can go wrong (you could end up with something that tastes like medicine or rotten grape juice)…

Does wine have an expiration date?

It should immediately be noted that the law does not provide for the obligation to indicate the expiry date on the label. According to experts, in fact, wines do not literally expire , unlike yogurt or meat, which after a certain date can also cause serious problems, such as food poisoning. However, after a certain amount of time, the wine starts to taste strange, more bitter or even unpleasant.

That said, there's definitely a perfect time to drink wine, but this date when everything tastes better is just a theory and more a matter of personal preference .

What you have to take into account is that each type of wine (depending on its region, type, etc.) can be stored for a certain period of time. Some aren't made to last that long, or they can taste good without having to wait that long to taste them. This is the case of bag in box wine, which is excellent as soon as it is opened, but also after opening the package.

How long does bag in box wine last?

Wines in bag in box format can be kept in the open package for up to 3-4 weeks . Thanks to the synergy between the bag and the dispenser valve, in fact, the wine is protected from air and light, factors that determine its deterioration.

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