Il vino bianco ha i tannini?

Does white wine have tannins?

It is a widespread belief that tannin is present only in red wines. Mistaken! In fact, even white wines have a tannic texture, although it is lighter.

Tannin is the molecule that gives wine structure, but it can also give it a rough appearance. The presence of tannins in the wine is primarily due to the winemaking process . Thus, red winemaking explains why there are more tannins in red wine than in white wine.

Where are the tannins found?

The tannins come from different elements of the vine and the bunch. Thus, tannins are present in the grape berries , skin and stalks . When the fermentation of the must takes place in the presence of these elements, the tannin is released. The wine can therefore be more or less tannic. Tannins can add structure to wine and allow for longer aging. If you want to know more, you can read our article on tannins in wine .

Tannin and white wine

The tannin comes from the methods used during winemaking . In fact, when red wine is made into wine, the skins, stems and berries of the grapes are kept to give tannins to the wine. It is in these elements that tannins are found. White wine, on the other hand, is vinified in a different way. In the case of white wine, in fact, the seeds, stalks and skins are kept very little. Consequently, the tannin in white wine is much less expressed than in red wine.

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