Falanghina, caratteristiche e abbinamenti

Falanghina, characteristics and combinations

Falanghina is an autochthonous white grape variety of Campania, which gives, when perfectly ripe, a characteristic, intense wine with fruity and floral aromas. Its name refers to the support poles with which the vine is raised, called "phalanx".

Falanghina, characteristics

In Campania, the areas with the greatest vocation are Campi Flegrei , Sannio Beneventano and Caserta . It is no coincidence that it is the basic grape variety of many white wines from Campania and is also used for the production of sparkling wines. It is also grown in other regions, such as Puglia and Lazio .

Falanghina has a straw yellow color with green reflections. The nose perceives intense floral aromas, with hints of hawthorn and lime blossom. On the palate it is dry, full and silky, a superb balance between softness and roundness on floral notes. Persistent freshness and minerality are its main characteristics.

Falanghina, pairings

The ideal combination is with dishes based on fish or seafood, white meats , seasonal vegetables and delicate cheeses . Falanghina is also excellent as an aperitif. A serving temperature of 10°C is recommended.

Falanghina in Bag in Box

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