Cos'è il vin brulé?

What is mulled wine?

Mulled wine is a term used to describe wine, usually red, infused with spices and served hot. This drink is popular throughout Europe and has been served during the winter months for centuries. Depending on the country of origin, mulled wine can have different names such as Glogg (Sweden), Vin Chaud (France) or Glühwein (Germany).

The ingredients of mulled wine

The ingredients for mulled wine vary by region. Common spices used in mulled wine include cinnamon , cloves , nutmeg , anise , red pepper , and vanilla . Even adding fruit or sugar to sweeten the mixture varies from recipe to recipe. Bitter orange is used often, but some recipes also call for apples, figs, ginger, or even raisins.

The type of alcohol contained in mulled wine also varies from recipe to recipe. Most recipes call for red wine, but liqueurs can also be added, such as rum, brandy, cpgnac, etc.

How to prepare mulled wine

Most mulled wine is made by combining wine with spices , fruit and other additives. This concoction is simmered, after which it is strained and served immediately or chilled to allow further infusion of the flavors. Some recipes call for a full 24-hour refrigerated brew. The additives are then filtered and the mulled wine heated before being served.

Mulled wine can be served with almonds, spiced biscuits or biscuits for dipping.

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