Cosa significa Bag in Box e perché funziona?

What does Bag in Box mean and why does it work?

The bag-in-box concept was invented in 1955 in the United States by William R. Scholle, but it only really took off in the 2000s.

The bag in box has particular technical characteristics, which make it a practical and efficient packaging to extend the shelf life of liquids. In fact, it is made up of several layers which act as a barrier to air and light. And if you're environmentally conscious, know that bag in box is fully recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than other plastic or glass packaging.

Bag in Box, meaning

This type of packaging which literally means "bag in box" was used for the first time for food products such as milk. In fact, bag in boxes can be used to store and transport more or less dense liquids, both food and non-food. Its capacity can vary from 1.5 to 1000 liters and consists of a cardboard box enclosing a waterproof and flexible bag that allows liquid products to be stored and transported very easily.

This waterproof bag is made up of a multilayer flexible film which deforms due to gravity when the contents are withdrawn, thus allowing it to be protected from oxidation by means of a non-air return tap.

Wine in bag in box

The bag in box has the non-negligible interest for the consumer to keep the wine up to 6 weeks after opening thanks to its air vacuum system.

In a very conservative environment such as that of wine, this new concept has also gained acceptance thanks to its storage and transport facilities, which make it possible to optimize the transport of pallets. It also has the advantage of being a good communication carrier with the help of its outer cardboard packaging, which allows its shape and colors to be easily changed at the request of the company that uses it.

The bag in box is reserved for wines to be drunk immediately and is not intended to be stored in the cellar several years before consumption. On the wine market in Italy, the bag in box is on the rise, and not only in our country.

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