Come si riscalda il vin brulé e cosa si può abbinare

How mulled wine is heated and what it can be combined with

What's tastier than a good glass of mulled wine? And it's even more true when you're in the heart of winter, after a nice day of skiing or snowshoeing for example.

That said, of course you don't need to be in winter sports to enjoy a good glass of mulled wine . Here are our tips for serving it at the right temperature and with the best combinations.

How to reheat mulled wine

Heat has the effect of intensifying the aromas, which is why mulled wine should be served hot. The optimal temperature is 60-70°C , in this way it heats, but without burning. Also, to avoid making the drink unappetizing, it is important not to let it simmer for more than 2 hours. The same goes for even if you use a thermos.

Mulled wine is served in thick glass glasses on a small stem, with a handle but ceramic cups are also fine, as they also keep the heat quite good. The best way to enjoy this exquisitely winter drink is in small sips, inhaling the aroma it gives off!

What can be combined with mulled wine?

If you want to accompany mulled wine with something to eat, it must be something sweet. It goes wonderfully with chocolate - based desserts and all dry pastries , but also with roasted chestnuts and castagnaccio .

Try our already spiced mulled wine with cloves and cinnamon now. You can also add a few slices of orange!

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