Come è fatto il bag in box? Tutto quello che devi sapere

How is the bag in box made? All you need to know

The bag in box is a trend that is starting to spread for the distribution of wine , but also for various liquid products in the food industry.

The bag in box , in fact, allows you to store a greater or lesser quantity of wine. Compared to traditional bottled wine, their use is less expensive, especially in terms of logistics and the cost of the finished product. Even if the quantity of wine stored in the bag in box is considerable, the wine does not tend to deteriorate quickly. This is possible through the use of techniques such as vacuum preservation .

Furthermore, the bag in box can have the same capacity as wine bottles, but it is cheaper and more ecological. The Bag in box therefore seems to have a promising future ahead of it.

How the bag in box is made

The bag in box is actually a set of two containers. The bag, which is the direct container of the liquid, i.e. a bag made up of several layers of film. These films are often composed of food-grade polyethylene , polyester, and other copolymers to provide the pocket's oxygen barrier. The box, called box, is made up of a rigid corrugated cardboard which acts as an external packaging for the pocket precisely to guarantee its protection from physical shocks.

The bag in box is often equipped with a tap to facilitate its use and ensure optimal conservation of the wine. Whether it's red wine or white wine, all types of wine are suitable for storage.

The innovative packaging of the bag in box, thanks to the vacuum , prevents the entry of oxygen and light , the same factors that directly influence the deterioration of the wine. After all, more and more countries are exporting wine in the bag in box and this figure is constantly increasing.

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