Che vino sta bene con la zucca?

What wine goes well with pumpkin?

With pumpkin , whether it's Butternut or Delica… the best pairing is a very lively white! Whether it's in soup, in the form of puree or au gratin, in fact, this cucurbit is very rich. To counterbalance the smoothness of the dish, a dry , light white wine with nice acidity will do wonders.

Pumpkin and white wine

With a very silky and creamy pumpkin soup, for example, you can opt for a Chardonnay or an aromatic Traminer . Furthermore, this last wine will also go very well with pumpkin au gratin, especially if you melt gruyere cubes on top, which will add a nice complexity!

Pumpkin and red wine

If you prefer red , it's entirely possible, especially if you season your dish lightly with spices. However, it will be necessary to remain light-hearted. A young Pinot Noir will be welcome.

For example, for an even bolder pairing, try this yummy German Pinot Noir .

Savory pumpkin pie and wine

If, on the other hand, you decide to highlight the gourmet side of the pumpkin , for example by preparing a savory pumpkin pie , you can opt for a slightly sweet wine, but always with a nice acidity. A Riesling or a Pinot Gris will be perfect!

What if you don't like pumpkin?

Don't panic, the beginning of autumn is an opportunity to rediscover flavors that we had put aside for a long time, and especially mushrooms . See our post on the topic: Which wine to drink with mushrooms?

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