Che vino si beve con le castagne?

What wine do you drink with chestnuts?

Before long the streets will smell of roasted chestnuts ... what feasts await us! In fact, chestnuts are a great autumn classic. With their tender and full pulp and delicate aromas, they require a lively and fruity thirst-quenching wine .

Chestnuts , in addition to being tasty, are rich in vitamins of group B, potassium, magnesium and excellent against cholesterol. It is no coincidence that once upon a time wine and chestnuts were a common food for farmers.

Chestnuts can be eaten in many different ways, but roasted ones are unsurpassed! But which wine to pair?

What wine to pair with roasted chestnuts

The wines to be paired with roasted chestnuts must be red and young , such as Barbera , Dolcetto , but also Aglianico , Negroamaro and Primitivo .

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