Che vino è il Grillo?

What wine is Grillo?

Grillo is a white grape variety widespread in Sicily, especially in the Marsala area . It is no coincidence that it is used together with Inzolia and Catarratto for the production of Marsala Doc.

Cricket, features

Il Grillo has a straw yellow color and on the palate it stands out for its intense herbaceous aromas , with a touch of nettle, followed by the floral notes of jasmine and citrus fruits . On the palate it is well structured, sapid and with a good alcohol content . Indeed, one of the characteristics of Grillo is its vocation to become a wine with a high alcohol content, sometimes exceeding the 15/16 °C alcohol content.

Cricket, pairings

Grillo goes perfectly with fish , both fried and grilled, but it is also excellent with pasta or rice dishes and with fish or vegetable-based appetizers. The recommended serving temperature is 8-10°C .

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