Che vino abbinare con il cous cous

What wine to pair with couscous

There are a thousand ways to cook couscous : with fish, vegetables, chicken, etc. Faced with this great diversity, do you get lost in the food/wine pairing ? Surprise your guests by opting for a wine that asserts itself by respecting every flavor of your ingredients. Then, choose your wine according to the composition of the dish.

Wine is a perfect accompaniment to couscous . The important thing is to find the right combination .

What are the peculiarities of couscous?

A particularly generous dish, couscous is traditionally prepared with a stew of vegetables, chickpeas, meat or fish, then served on a bed of golden grains of durum wheat semolina. Spices are essential elements of couscous. However, each cook can insist on one or more spices according to his own taste.

What wine to drink with couscous?

The choice of wine clearly depends on the "protagonists" of the dish. To accompany couscous with meat , in particular with lamb stew , it is preferable to choose a good, slightly tannic red wine such as Barbera , Pinot Noir and Gamay .

White wines, on the other hand, lend themselves to accompanying couscous with fish , shellfish and couscous with vegetables . You can choose Chardonnay , Vermentino , Verdicchio , Grillo , etc.

The combination of couscous and rosé wine is interesting if you serve couscous with chicken, fish or vegetables. In any case, focus on a generous and fruity wine.

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