Che vino abbinare alle tagliatelle alla bolognese

What wine to pair with tagliatelle alla bolognese

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese are a typical first course of Emilia Romagna, a timeless classic that everyone likes, from North to South! It is a very tasty and rich dish, thanks to the sauce made from minced meat, with a good percentage of fat. But which wine to choose to enhance this traditional Italian delight?

Tagliatelle alla bolognese, which wine to pair?

Minced meat and tomato sauce are the undisputed protagonists of this dish. The tomato in particular has a very fine pulp which does not particularly support wines that are too tannic.

We therefore recommend opting for a fruity, fresh and warm red wine such as a Cabernet Franc , the most delicate Barbera , but Sangiovese is also indicated.

Of course, the same goes for cannelloni and lasagne alla bolognese !

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