Che vino abbinare alla colomba pasquale?

What wine to pair with the Easter Colomba?

Many have the habit of accompanying desserts with dry wines, such as Prosecco or Spumante dry, but it is a wrong food-wine pairing. As the concordance principle teaches, sweet requires sweet.

The dove is one of the Easter symbols par excellence, and for this reason it deserves wines that are worthy of it. It is a sweet leavened dough , characterized by a certain aroma, thanks to candied fruit and almonds, but not particularly sugary. More than the dough, in fact, it is the glaze that gives it the characteristic sweet note. For the choice of wine therefore, all these elements must be taken into consideration.

The Easter colomba goes very well with wines that recall the same sensations on the nose and in the mouth, so you can accompany this dessert with Zibibbo Passito , but also Yellow Moscato , Malvasia Passito or a sweet white wine .

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