Che tipo di vino è la Ribolla Gialla e cosa mangiare

What kind of wine is Ribolla Gialla and what to eat

Ribolla Gialla is a very versatile white wine produced with an ancient native vine of Friuli Venezia Giulia .

What kind of wine is Ribolla Gialla?

The most renowned production area in Friuli is the Collio Goriziano , where, in addition to being vinified alone, it is often blended with Tocai Friulano and the Colli Orientali (the area surrounding the city of Udine). The Ribolla Gialla vine gives rise to very different types of wine , based on the area of ​​origin and the style of the producer. Young Ribolla is light, fresh, delicate and pleasant, Ribolla macerated and/or aged in wood , on the other hand, is certainly a more demanding wine. There is also a sparkling version, produced with the long Charmat method .

The yellow Ribolla has a straw yellow color , while the nose stands out for its floral and mineral aromas. it is a light, soft and very drinkable wine, which is appreciated from the first sip.

Little curiosity about the name: it seems that it is to be attributed to the fact that originally, during fermentation, the must literally boiled due to the high concentration of malic acid. Today this no longer happens thanks to modern production techniques, which allow the wine to be produced at a controlled temperature.

What to eat with Ribolla Gialla?

Ribolla Gialla is a light and fresh wine, perfect with fried fish , fish soups, crustaceans and delicate seafood . It is also the ideal accompaniment to fresh cheeses , not too seasoned cured meats and raw vegetables , white meats that are not particularly seasoned. An unusual but surprising combination is with smoked food (both meat and fish, such as salmon). It should be served at a temperature between 8 and 12°C .

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