Che tipo di vino è la Malvasia e a cosa si abbina

What kind of wine is Malvasia and what goes well with it

There Malvasia , more than a wine or a grape variety, is a family of grape varieties. In fact, there are no less than 17 varieties of Malvasia present in Italy. The name is of Greek origin and recalls the ancient city of Monemvasia , in the Peloponnese, which was conquered by the Venetians. Together with the wines, the vine cuttings also arrived in Italy, which gradually spread throughout the peninsula.

Malvasia wine is produced in different areas of Italy, such as Sardinia, Istria, Tuscany, Lazio, Emilia, Calabria, Puglia, etc. Among the various types of Malvasie there are both white grape varieties (which are the majority) and black grape varieties . The main feature that all Malvasias have in common is the long aging to which this type of wine is subjected. Both dry and sweet versions of Malvasia are produced.

Characteristic white Malvasias

White Malvasias usually have a straw yellow color, with fine bubbles. The varietal notes stand out on the nose, characterized by a spicy fragrance of musk and apricot . Notes of honey and ripe apricot can also be seen in the sweet wines. On the palate they are structured, with good persistence, with musky and floral flavors in the still versions, and with an aftertaste of honey and almonds in the dried versions.

Malvasia, pairing

For Malvasia in the still and dry version , it is advisable to uncork the bottle half an hour before tasting. The wine should be served at a temperature of 10°C . In the case of sweet or dried Malvasia , it is always advisable to open it half an hour before tasting and at a temperature of 8°C .

Dry Malvasia is perfect to accompany fish , white meats and blue cheeses such as gorgonzola, but it is also excellent as an aperitif . The sweet Malvasia is ideal with strudel , biscuits, trifle , panettone and pandoro, apple pie , Gubana and Easter cake. It is also excellent with leavened desserts.

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