Che tipo di vino è il Traminer (Gewurztraminer)?

What kind of wine is Traminer (Gewurztraminer)?

Aromatic Traminer , also known by the name of Gewurztraminer , a white grape variety from Alsace which is also widespread throughout the world.

The origins of Gewürztraminer

It all starts with Traminer , a vine with a very particular aroma that has existed since the Middle Ages. It would come from Germany in the Pfalz region, which would explain the slightly German name of our grape variety. Traminer has light green berries and produces a rather simple wine.

The winegrowers of the time then had the idea of ​​making some mutations, despite the difficulties it took, to obtain a better vine with Traminer . It was in Termeno, a small Italian town, that the change began. It has given birth to a pinkish-brown vine that is recognized very early by the pulp of the same color. The resulting wine has also become much more characteristic and intoxicating thanks to its fragrance and aromas.

The name gradually changed. Subsequently, around the 16th century, Traminer was introduced in Alsace. And in the 19th century the inhabitants began to give it its current name: Gewurztraminer . The name was formalized in 1973. Etymologically, Gewurztraminer derives from the term " gewürz " which in German means spicy. But according to the wine texts, there is a more believable translation: fragrant.

Besides Alsace, Traminer is grown in other countries such as Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe including the former Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. There are also small portions of vineyards in Switzerland, Spain, Italy ( Trentino and Friuli only) and Luxembourg.

Characteristics of Gewurztraminer

Gewurztraminer is a white grape variety that produces a rather dark, fragrant and full-bodied golden yellow wine. It is very expressive with exotic aromas , a creamy texture, with an overwhelming tendency.

Which dishes to choose with Gewurztraminer

From aperitif to dessert, Gewurztraminer finds its place. You just have to choose the right dishes that go well with it to bring out the flavor in your mouth. So, here is a non-exhaustive list of dishes that can go well with Gewurztraminer:

  • Foie gras
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Spicy cuisine (e.g. Thai specialties or Indian dishes)
  • Oriental cuisine
  • Cheeses with a slightly decisive character
  • Milk or white chocolate
  • fresh fruit

Gewurztraminer should be served at a service temperature of 8/10 °C.

Aromatic Traminer in Bag in box

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