Che tipo di vino è il Riesling? Caratteristiche e abbinamenti

What kind of wine is Riesling? Features and combinations

Riesling is one of the oldest vines in existence. Originally from Germany , it produces a white wine that is generally dry, but sometimes also smooth and sweet.

Riesling in history The word "Riesling" first appeared in a Latin text in 1552 and was reprinted in 1577. It would appear in the Rhine in Germany. With the wars, Riesling was brought to Alsace by German nobles, where it has found an important place to this day. Since 1996, Riesling has regained its notoriety in Germany, establishing itself as one of the most popular wine varieties.

Riesling, characteristics

The main characteristics of Riesling are the high acidity and the high concentration of sugars , which make it susceptible to aging . The wine obtained is straw-yellow in colour, with ferrous , floral and honey aromas , which develop known characteristics of hydrocarbons with ageing. On the palate it is fresh, floral and aromatic.

Riesling occupies an important place in Germany, especially in Mosel, Rheingau and Pfalz. This country produces a large selection of Riesling-based white wines. But it is also found in other terroirs. In Italy, for example, it has found its ideal environment in Trentino-Alto Adige , Oltrepò Pavese, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Riesling, pairings

Riesling goes well with many types of dishes. The young vintages are perfect to accompany raw fish or delicately cooked fish. If you're dealing with a fuller-bodied white wine, opt for tuna , salmon , sea bream or even chicken . Seafood, crustaceans, but also lobsters, and monkfish go well with this white grape variety.

Finally, in the kitchen, Riesling can be used in the preparation of some dishes such as Alsatian sauerkraut. A small glass added to the preparation is enough to sublimate your dish.

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