Che tipo di vino è il Pecorino e come abbinarlo

What kind of wine is Pecorino and how to match it

The Pecorino is a native white grape variety of the Marche region, whose cultivation has also spread to Abruzzo. It has low quantitative yields, for this reason it has only recently been rediscovered (since the 80s).

Pecorino wine, characteristics

Pecorino wine has a bright straw yellow color (with reflections ranging from greenish to golden). On the palate it stands out for its freshness and high alcohol content , which balances the fresh-savory texture and affects the perception of softness . It has very marked and clean aromas , with a prevalence of herbaceous ones, especially attributable to aromatic herbs . Pecorino has a good structure, and generally has a good taste-olfactory persistence .

Pecorino wine, how to pair it

Pecorino wine is the ideal companion to fish-based dishes, raw seafood , but also white meats and goes beautifully with pasta with pesto! It should be served at a temperature of 10-12°C.

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