Che tipo di vino è il Müller Thurgau e a cosa si abbina?

What kind of wine is Müller Thurgau and what does it go with?

Müller Thurgau is a white grape variety obtained in 1882 by the Swiss oenologist Hermann Müller, originally from Thurgau (hence the name), who worked on studies of genetic improvement of the vine at the German institute of Geisenheim. Until a few years ago it was believed that the starting vines were Riesling and Sylvaner, but according to recent DNA studies, the second vine would be Chasselas, one of the most important white grape varieties grown in Switzerland.

Müller Thurgau, what kind of wine is it

Müller Thurgau in Italy is cultivated in Trentino-Alto Adige, in particular in the Val di Cembra. This vineyard produces young, low-acid and ready-to-drink wines, with sweet peach aromas and fruity flavours. They also stand out for their harmony and elegance.

Müller Thurgau, what it goes with

The delicate bouquet and good acidity make this wine ideal with hors d'oeuvres . Particularly apt is the combination with fish main courses, but it is also excellent to accompany fresh cheeses , such as mozzarella and ricotta. An unusual but delicious combination is with the typical recipes of oriental ethnic cuisine, especially sushi and sashimi . You can serve it at a serving temperature of 8-10°C.

Müller Thurgau Bag in Box

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