Bombino bianco, caratteristiche e abbinamento

Bombino bianco, characteristics and pairing

Bombino bianco is a vine that has been cultivated for a very long time in southern Italy, and more precisely in Puglia , in the Province of Foggia, especially in the San Severo area where it is also used for the production of Classic Method sparkling wines . Today it can be found in many other Italian wine regions, including Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche, Molise and even Emilia - Romagna , where it is also called Pagadebit .

Bombino bianco, characteristics

The name of the white Bombino derives from the very particular shape of the bunch which should remind a baby in swaddling clothes. The wine obtained from the Bombino Bianco vine has a straw yellow colour. The nose is noted for the hints of ripe fruit. The taste is dry, full and balanced, characterized by a fresh acidity that leads to a pleasant drink.

Bombino bianco, pairings

Bombino bianco is a little structured wine, but quite sapid, acidic and fragrant. To enhance its pleasant characteristics it should be served at a temperature of 8-10°C. This wine is the ideal companion to mixed fried foods, fresh cheeses, grilled vegetables, not too fatty fish, summer dishes and cured meats. it is also excellent with spaghetti Carbonara and risotto with truffles... try to believe!

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