Barbera, caratteristiche e abbinamenti

Barbera, characteristics and pairings

Barbera is a native grape variety of the Piedmont region and thrives on sandy and clayey soils . In the masculine (Barbera) it indicates the vine and in the feminine (Barbera) the wine.

Barbera, characteristics

More precisely, its origins lie in the Monferrato (Monferrato) area which borders the Asti and Alba region in southeast Piedmont. Its name derives from the intersection of two words: "beard"; term used to describe its very complex root system, and "albera", a dialectal term that indicates wooded sites, where vines were planted instead of large trees.

Barbera has been considered for a long time - unjustly - a table wine, "paesano", however, Piedmontese winemakers have been able to demonstrate its qualities, and demonstrate that they can compete with "great wines". His fame has crossed the Italian borders and Barbera wines are now recognized all over the world.

This variety can be used alone or together with other grape varieties. Barbera produces fairly dark wines, with medium-high acidity, soft tannins , and a light body ; it is often compared to Merlot .

Barbera, pairings

Barbera is the ideal companion to semi- hard cheeses , cured meats, soups, boiled meats, white and red meats, but it can also be used as an ingredient for the preparation of excellent first courses or meat main courses.

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