Abbinamento vino e formaggi, 5 dritte per non sbagliare

Wine and cheese pairing, 5 tips to avoid mistakes

Wine and Cheese: Go On, Name a Better Pair!

Tip number 1: choose a wine and a cheese from the same region, it's a safe bet!

To make no mistake, you can rely on territorial agreements . A cheese from a region will go very well with typical wines from that region.

Tip number 2: white wine is fine too

A widespread idea is that red wine is enjoyed with cheese. It's true, but white wine also goes perfectly with cheeses. We also recommend a white wine when there are a multitude of different cheeses, such as on a cheese platter. The tannins of the red wines accentuate the salty taste of the cheese; white is therefore more versatile.

Tip number 3: choose a low tannic red wine

Tannins have an annoying tendency to make the flavor of the cheese disappear. So prefer low-tannic red wines for your pairings.

Tip number 4: the stronger the cheese, the more full-bodied the wine will be

A cheese with a very intense aroma will need a full-bodied wine and vice versa!

Tip number 5: Don't save the best for last

Aged wines often find a second life with the appropriate cheese, especially if it is aged.

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