Abbinamento pesce e vino

Fish and wine pairing

Traditionally, fish is paired with white wine . But red wines, even if it is a more difficult pairing, can accompany fish well, under certain conditions.

Seabass, sea bream and fatty fish

Dry white wines , elegant and refined, are perfect for this type of fish with delicate and tender flesh. But even the more structured white wines are a good accompaniment, especially for fatty fish , such as salmon, accompanied by thick sauces. In this case, a rich and aromatic white is to be preferred.

Lake fish

The fine and delicate flesh of river and lake fish such as trout, arctic char, pike, also requires a dry but round wine. They will appreciate the company of a Chardonnay , a dry Pinot Blanc or a Sauvignon.


These fish are very intense, smoked and salted. The wine must therefore reveal great power and a nice freshness. The acidity will soften the anchovy's powerful taste. It is therefore good to focus on wines with a very strong character, with a good persistence in the mouth.

Fish and red wine... why not!

Fish , as noted above, usually goes well with white wine. But red is not forbidden, on the contrary! The first thing to know is that fish contains proteins that don't support the tannins in wine.

The solution is therefore to offer a red that is very low in tannins . We will therefore focus on delicate, tender and fine wines. The ideal red companion for your fish is therefore Pinot Noir ! It will enhance the dish, accompanying it with delicacy. The other light reds will also go well with fish.

An exception can be made for bluefin tuna . Considered the meat of the fish, a red can offer complexity and persistence to enhance the flavors of the tuna. A Pinot Noir or another light red is perfect, but this dish can also be combined with a more structured red.

To conclude, fish is a great friend of white wine, but it can also accompany red wine under certain conditions. But it is above all the sauce that accompanies the fish that determines the choice of wine. The thicker the sauce, the fuller the wine should be. Conversely, the finer and more delicate the dish, the lighter the wine should be.

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