Abbinamento cibo-vino: cosa bere con gli asparagi

Food-wine pairing: what to drink with asparagus

Asparagus , a delicious seasonal vegetable, has the reputation of being the enemy of wine, but in reality it is a fascinating accomplice!

With a fleshy texture and a delicate flavor that evokes that of the artichoke, asparagus is a riot of goodness. To keep all their characteristics, cook them as simply as possible, preferably in water or steamed, but also with a little butter.

Which wines for white asparagus?

Obviously no reds: their tannins will accentuate the bitterness in the mouth, and their power would overwhelm the delicate nuances of the dish. We will prefer whites , which we will choose for their aromatic richness and roundness, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Sylvaner.

Which wines for green asparagus?

To accompany green asparagus , in the form of an omelette or in a nice risotto, the ideal combination is with a sparkling wine, a Franciacorta or a Prosecco. By the way... did you know that the basic grape variety of Prosecco is Glera ?

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