3 buoni motivi per scegliere un vino rosato

3 good reasons to choose a rosé wine

Rosé wine is not produced by mixing white wine with red… a practice, moreover, prohibited by law. Rosé wine comes from red grapes and is obtained by macerating the must (which is transparent in color) together with the skins (of the red grapes) for a short period of time.

If the producer wants to obtain a rosé with a firm pink colour , he will leave the skins in contact with the must for 2-4 hours, if instead he wants to obtain a more intense shade for 6-7 hours. Much also depends on the production areas.

Why should you choose a rosé wine?

Rosé wines can be found in almost all regions of Italy and they are excellent wines!

1. Rosé wine is perfect for summer, but not only...

During the summer season, rosé wine experiences a moment of great splendour, also thanks to its pleasant freshness. Generally, in fact, rosé wines are to be served chilled, at a service temperature around 10-12°C . However, it is not an exclusively summer wine, on the contrary. In France, for example, it is the wine of the holidays.

2. Rose wine is incredibly versatile

Rosé wines are excellent wines as an aperitif, but they also go well with sushi, soups and fried fish, chicken salads, veal with tuna sauce, young cheeses, grilled vegetables and white meats and even with mozzarella-based white pizzas and buffalo.

3. Men like it too!

The definition of " women's wine " is banal and sexist. Rosé is very versatile and can be pleasing to both the female and male palate!

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